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Looking for the right place to start or grow your psychologist career?

Choosing the right Psychologist practice to start your career is an important step. One that can define your career options, and growth. It’s important that you find the right place.

Are you passionate about supporting people’s mental health?

Do you value Integrity, Respect and Kindness?
Do you see people as human beings, not as a set of symptoms?
Do you believe in state of science, not cookie cutter therapy?
Are you looking for work-life-balance, career growth and exposure?

If you answered YES to all these questions, then a career at Mindful Living Centre is what you are looking for!


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Mindful Living Centre is a Psychologist Practice that believes in empowering people to live better. We do that by bringing together psychologists with different specializations for a comprehensive approach and diversity of service options.

We practice what we preach by supporting our team’s mental health and work-life-balance. Our social coordinator ensures the team remains connected and balanced while also growing their career, advancing their training and gaining exposure to take their psychologist practice where they want to be.

We believe in

  • Extreme Ownership, instead of assigning blame
  • Tailoring treatment to people’s needs, not only following protocols
  • Providing Excellence training to all our team
  • Compensation that grows with you
  • Supporting and providing exposure to new psychologist so their careers can grow

Join Mindful Living Centre
Check out our Career Opportunities

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Mindful Living Centre is your choice for psychology careers in Ontario. We cover GTA, Oakville, Burlington, Milton regions. We are currently hiring psychologist for psychology internships, practicum, supervised practice as well as psychological associates.

By joining the Mindful Living Centre, you are investing in your psychologist career while also investing in you.

  • You are joining a team of experienced psychologists in diverse specializations, who can provide training and support to advance your psychologist career.
  • You will have the opportunity and exposure to work with diverse types of clients, empowering them to live better lives.
  • You will have access to state of science practice and tailored treatment plans.
  • You will have opportunities for career advancement and compensation that grows with you.

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