Rachel Jewett

Rachel is especially interested in helping adults and adolescents struggling with:

Anxiety & Depression

Eating Disorders

Athletes experiencing mental performance & mental health challenges

Rachel Jewett is a clinical psychology Resident, working under the supervision of
registered Psychologists at the Mindful Living Centre. Rachel offers in-person services in the Burlington and Oakville clinics, as well as virtual sessions. She works with adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression and/or various life stressors and challenges. She also has experience treating eating disorders and a special interest in working with athletes experiencing mental health difficulties.

Rachel emphasizes an empathetic and collaborative approach in therapy and uses
evidence-based methods while creating a strong therapeutic relationship to help clients reach their treatment goals. She uses primarily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and draws on complimentary tools to meet clients’ individual needs.

Rachel has extensive experience working with athletes experiencing a range of mental performance and mental health challenges, both in research and therapeutic settings. She is passionate about working with clients with a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences, and learning from them in order to shape treatment approaches to
meet their needs within their context.

Rachel is nearing completion of her PhD at Toronto Metropolitan University and has held clinical positions at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in the Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic, Toronto General Hospital in the Eating Disorder Program, and the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport.