mental Health apps

AlwaysThere (Kids Help Phone)

Allows teens to journal feelings, get tips to manage stress & read quotes or jokes to lighten their mood 

Breathe2relax (National Centre for Telehealth & Technology) 

Provides information on the effects of stress on the body & exercises to learn stress management through diaphragmatic breathing techniques

Headspace (

Proven mindfulness & meditation techniques to train your mind for a healthier, more enjoyable life.

PanicAttacks? (Geert Verschaeva)

General information about panic & voice-guided relaxation sessions


Optimism (Optimism Apps)

A mood charting app that helps develop strategies for managing depression, bipolar disorder or other mental health conditions

*** Best used when working with a psychologist 

MindShift (Creative B’stro)

Helps teens and young adults cope with anxiety. Helps you relax and learn strategies to target anxiety