MEET DR. alexa kane

Alexa Kane
Dr. Kane is particularly interested in:

Psycho-educational, Giftedness & ADHD/ADD Assessments for children & youth

ADHD/ADD Assessments for adults

Alexa Kane works in the Milton clinic, as well as providing virtual sessions (when appropriate). She primarily offers comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational assessments, that include assessments of intellectual, educational and mental health functioning in children and youth. These include assessments for ADHD/ADD, for children, teens and adults (up to age 60).  Alexa also offers comprehensive assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for children and teens. 

Dr. Kane’s approach to assessments is rooted in a strong background in child development and family systems. Her assessments look at multiple aspects of an individual’s functioning, including emotional, behavioural, academic, and intellectual. She believes strongly that the assessment tools are only one part of the picture, and puts a strong emphasis on understanding an individual’s functioning from their own perspective, and that of close people in their lives (e.g., parents, teachers). She will work with you to come up with appropriate goals for a psychological assessment, and provide a wealth of recommendations tailored to your individual needs at the end of the process.

Dr. Kane received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Guelph. She completed her residency at the Reach Out Centre for Kids in 2018, and has worked at the Mindful Living Centre since that time. She also works in community mental health, at Lutherwood Children’s Mental Health Services.