Psycho-Educational Assessments

At The Mindful Living Centre, we take a  comprehensive approach to assessing your child’s areas of need, examining both psycho-educational and socio-emotional functioning.  Scientifically validated measures are used to better understand any learning, emotional, social or behavioural difficulties your child may be experiencing. Prior to setting up an appointment, a member of our Child & Family Services team will ask you a few brief questions to understand the main concerns you wish to address through an assessment of your child.  This will help your Psychologist select the most appropriate tools and measures available to assess your child, and to provide a quote for the assessment.

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While we tailor each assessment to the child’s unique needs, the assessment process typically includes the following:

  • An initial meeting with parents to gain a more thorough understanding of the child’s areas of cognitive, academic, social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulty — questionnaires are usually provided at this meeting for parents and teachers to complete.
  • 1-2 testing sessions (typically 6-8 hours in total), where the child completes a number of tests selected to answer specific questions you have about your child’s cognitive, academic and socio-emotional functioning.  Information may also be gathered from collateral sources, such as teachers and other services providers.

A feedback session with parents and child, where we provide a comprehensive assessment report and review diagnoses (if applicable) and recommendations for the child.  This session provides an opportunity to discuss strategies for building on your child’s strengths and addressing their areas of difficulty.  Specific, practical, individually-tailored recommendations are provided to help parents, teachers and other professionals work with your child in ways that will benefit their emotional health and maximize their likelihood of academic success.

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