ADULT ADHD Assessments

Adult ADHD Assessments (ages 17-60)

For a variety of reasons, many adults were not presented with the option to be assessed for ADHD earlier in life. They may not have known the look-fors or may have discovered strategies to be successful at school and/or work, despite their challenges.  At The Mindful Living Centre, we recognize that ADHD isn’t only a childhood disorder and can be quite challenging for adults to navigate. We take a comprehensive approach to assessing your areas of need, to better understand any functioning, emotional, social or behavioural difficulties you may be experiencing.

The process for adult ADHD assessments typically involves the following:

  • A 2-hour in-person meeting that incorporates an initial brief interview, followed by a testing session. 

  • The provision of questionnaires to be completed at home by the subject and collaterals.

  • A ½-hour feedback session scheduled approximately 2 weeks after all questionnaires have been returned (typically conducted virtually)


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Our fees reflect the type of assessment you are seeking, and are based on an
hourly rate honoured by most private health insurers.

Please reach out to our Administrative Team at info@mindfullivingcentre.ca
for details regarding fees and the billing process.

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