Trauma Crisis Support

Children’s Psychological Responses to Disasters: An overview of symptoms children may have after disasters, how to help them, and how they can build resilience.

8 Tips for Talking to Children about Tragedy: A list of tips for parents and guardians to address questions from their children.

Listen, Protect, and Connect- Psychological First Aid for Children and Parents: Advice on how to help children after a disaster.

Helping Children Cope: Tips for parents to help their children cope after a disaster. There are also FAQ’s for different age groups.

Effects of Disasters – Risk and Resilience Factors: Examines stress reactions after a disaster and what kind of factors contribute to the severity of these reactions

Resources for Survivors and the Public Following Sudden Trauma: Links to information to help survivors and loved ones deal with the stresses that come with sudden disaster.

Guiding Children Through Grief and Loss: Discusses ways parents can help their children work through grief and loss situations.

Negative Coping and PTSD: Outlines what negative coping is and how to avoid it.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Resources for parents and caregivers who play an important role in the lives of children.

Five Tips for Talking with Kids about Scary News: Advice for parents about how to explain traumatic events to children while still making them feel safe.