Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management

What is MBCPM and Who can benefit?
MMBCPM is a healthcare program that teaches clients how to relate differently to their chronic pain through the practice of mindfulness. Participants will learn:
· How mindfulness changes the way bodies process pain & stress
· The importance of living in the moment
· Strategies for working with the mind/body and embracing whatever arises in their lives, however challenging.
· How to remain calm and manage pain despite everyday challenges
It can help decrease the impact of both physical & emotional pain and suffering.

This group is intended for individuals suffering with chronic pain associated with injury, illness, or emotional distress. 
Mindfulness-based interventions have demonstrated effectiveness in helping with:

Chronic pain (back, neck, joint, hip…)
Chronic illness & fatigue
Stress, anxiety and insomnia

Depressive relapse prevention


Crohn’s disease and other bowel syndromes

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a unique way of paying        attention to our thoughts, feelings, bodily  sensations and behaviour, that:
· Involves more than simply “going through the  motions” of life
· Promotes greater self-awareness &  recognition of how thoughts, behaviour and mood affect pain
· Helps clarify what is really important to you and   encourages authentic living — making thoughtful decisions based on personal values, instead of reacting to pain and unpleasant emotional states

“Your mood, thoughts and emotions can affect your perception of pain and even your ability to heal …  to maximize pain relief, it’s necessary to take advantage of the mind’s healing abilities.  Mindfulness helps … put you back in control of regulating your pain, emotions and attention”  (Gardner-Nix, 2009)

We strive to help clients build mindfulness skills to better cope with unpleasant thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, while increasing their sense of contentment, gratitude and life satisfaction

About the MBCPM Course

MBCPM teaches participants simple & effective strategies for managing pain and suffering.


The following topics will be discussed:
· Theories of pain
· Mindfulness and pain perception
· Strategies for improving sleep
· How mindful attention to body movements can help minimize pain and prevent injury
· Practicing acceptance in all aspects of life
We will practice a variety of meditations to learn new ways of relating to your pain and emotions.


Please contact us to inquire about the time and location of our next group.

Milton, ON (specific location TBD)               

Please call us to inquire about the cost.

The number of participants averages 12-15 per course and will be limited to 25.

Mindfulness Works !


Here is what previous participants are saying:

“I am more productive in my daily life … and better able to sleep through the night.”

“I see family and friends more … and I am able to engage in more hobbies and recreational activities”

“I am much more accepting of my pain, I have learned not to fight it too much anymore.“

“I am taking less sleep and over-the-counter medication.”

“I have learned how to use my breathing to help me … cope with my pain & depression better.  I learned how to value myself more in spite of my pain & physical limitations. ”