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Say Goodnight to Sleep Problems!

Say Goodnight to Sleep Problems! Do you often feel exhausted, yet unable to get a good night’s rest?  If this sounds like you, you are not alone!  We live in an age of chronic and widespread insomnia, with up to 1/3 of adults reporting persistent sleep issues.  In addition to fatigue, sleep problems can cause headaches, irritability, and poor concentration among other symptoms, making it harder to function at work and home.  Though the occasional

Toys and Tantrums – How to Keep the Household Calm Over the Holidays

Toys and Tantrums - How to Keep the Household Calm Over the Holidays As the holidays approach, do you daydream about the glow of Christmas lights and sipping hot cocoa in front of a cozy fire, or do you dread your kids’ inevitable sibling conflicts and cries of “STOP IT!” and “HE STARTED IT!!!”? All kids have occasional emotional outbursts, and a change in routines, being cooped up in the house, and the excitement of

Avoiding the Procrastination Trap (Part II)

Avoiding the Procrastination Trap  (PART 2) In Part I of this article, we learned how understanding the cycle of procrastination, focusing on the long term, and breaking down large, overwhelming tasks into smaller, manageable bits can help prevent us from putting off important tasks.  Below are a few additional strategies for keeping us productive and committed to our goals: 1)     Find the fun in it! Tasks or activities that are too difficult for

Avoiding the Procrastination Trap

Avoiding the Procrastination Trap If you sometimes find yourself putting off studying or chores, scrambling to complete a project at the last minute, or struggling to follow through on commitments and resolutions, you are not alone.  In fact, up to 95% of people acknowledge significant difficulties with procrastination in at least one area of their life (Steel, 2010). While entire books have been written to address procrastination, here are a few key principles and

Do you really have OCD, or do you just like things clean or in order?

These days, you can barely make it through a day without hearing someone claim that they have OCD because they like things clean or organized or always follow the same routine. Many people have traits of OCD, while 2% of the population actually has the disorder. Here are 10 signs you may actually have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Am I depressed or just sad?

The loss of a loved one or job, the end of a relationship or having a baby are common reasons for people to feel depressed. However, depression is not exclusively tied to negative life events. It can seem very frustrating is when none of those situations apply, yet you still don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning or joining in on the fun throughout the day.

What is CBT and how can it help me?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, commonly known as “CBT”, is a scientifically-proven therapy approach where a client works with a psychologist to gain strategies to cope more effectively with a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, stressful life events and relationship issues, among other difficulties.

How Mindfulness can help with Social Anxiety

Work events and gatherings with family or friends are meant to be fun events that bring people together, but social situations can also be a source of anxiety or even dread for some people, due to fears of being left out, not fitting in, or having to engage in awkward small talk. Mindfulness can help you get through these moments so you might even enjoy yourself at a party.